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New stuff

The Music video featuring the Cortina last month was for Take That! Here is the link   

The Granada Estate seems a popular car at present, one film outing and also for an ad for UNICEF this week, and the Consul GT has been busy for the last two weeks too on a feature film set in the future. Can't say much else yet, but it looks like it will be a great film

The Consul GT last month filming for a music video at Elstree Aerodrome. The artiste was a singer called Cosima and the song was To Build A House. It was a freezing night and we were on it until 4am. felt sorry for her as she had to wear just a thin white dress whilst we were all in fleeces and jackets! Came out well though. See it here

We have some cars in the new Prime Suspect 1973 series too, anyone see the Mk1 Granada Estate or the Cortina GXL?

Who'd have thought the stormtroopers would be at your wedding, this bride had quite a surprise.

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